Radiopaedia Uploader

A vendor neutral PACS uploader for


Setup & Download

Click the button below to download the app package. Please note this app is only compatible on Windows operating systems from Windows 7 onwards (32/64 Bit).

Server SSL Setup

The Radiopaedia API requires all clients to access via SSL (HTTPS) so if you are not able to get a certifcate for your server as many internal installations will not require it, you must create a self-signed certifcate.
Please note that the app itself will run on port 12345 through https, i.e. https://localhost:12345

  1. Get from the Windows SDK for your Windows version. This will include the "makecert.exe" utility
  2. Open an Elevated Command Prompt and execute
    • makecert self.cer
    This will create a self-signed certificate file
  3. In the Elevated Command Prompt execute MMC
    • mmc.exe
    In the Management Console, add the Certificates Snap-in
  4. Select "Computer account" from the list of certificate stores
  5. Expand Personal\Certificates and import the generated certificate into this Certificate Store
  6. Go to the properties of that certificate and go to the Details tab then view the Thumbprint

    Copy the Thumbprint characters
  7. In an Elevated Command Prompt execute
    • netsh http add urlacl url=https://+:12345/ user="Everyone"
    • netsh http add sslcert ipport= certhash=653a1c60d4daaae00b2a103f242eac965ca21bec appid={A0DEC7A4-CF28-42FD-9B85-AFFDDD4FDD0F} clientcertnegotiation=enable
    The ccerthash is the Thumbprint you copied from earlier without the spaces
    The appid can be any GUID, go HERE to generate a new GUID
  8. You should now also open up any firewalls to allow incoming connections through port 12345

Installing the Uploader
  • You may run the app ad-hoc or you can install it as a Windows Service (reccommended)
  • In an Elevated Command Prompt, navigate to the app folder and execute
    • RAPI.exe install
  • It should then be added as a new service called Radiopaedia Uploader you may configure this service such as setting login details and startup

Getting API Details

You should go to to create a new application and client ID.


You will need a license key in order to use the app, please contact me for one.

Web Interface

If all steps are completed successfully, you should be able to navigate to https://[server]:12345/ and finish up the install.

Contact Me

Please contact me via email [] with your organisation email address. I will then generate a trial license for you valid for 30 days.